Check out some of my favorite interviews below where I am the guest who’s Blessed By The Best.

Pro Football Hall Of Fame Brian Dawkins Interview

Listen in with Shrimp Tanks own, Lee Heisman and Ted Jenkin as they interview Brian Dawkins about the best wins happen off the field.


Why I believe Jalen Hurts can succeed in Philadelphia

Hall of Fame safety Brian Dawkins joins “NFL NOW” to discuss his new book and weigh in on current NFL storylines.


Dawkins NBC Philly

Brian Dawkins' advice to Eagles in Week 1

Michael Barkann sits down with Eagles great Brian Dawkins to talk about the 2021 Eagles and his new book, “Blessed by the Best”.



Blessed by the Best: My Journey to Canton and Beyond Hardcover

Stay tuned for upcoming book signing events!

50% of the net proceeds received by Brian from book sales will be pledged to the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation to help support mental wellness, financial literacy and family assistance programs.

"This book is without a doubt the most powerful and poignant autobiography I’ve ever read by a retired professional athlete – ever. And, of course, it would be. In my nearly three decades of covering the NFL for ESPN, I have never encountered anyone like Brian Dawkins. After reading this highly personal, truly inspirational autobiography, now I know why. If you are a parent, a teacher, a coach, a leader in any way in your profession or life, you can learn so much from Brian and this book. His message cuts through all the clutter of our age. His life is a timely reminder that we can do good, for ourselves, our families, our community and our country. Brian is a living embodiment of that. This book is testimony to that achievement – and it can be yours, too.”

- Sal Paolantonio
National Correspondent, ESPN


“It’s simple, … I’m always striving to do more. Whatever I accomplish, it’s not enough. I don’t get satisfied. That’s not my nature.”

“There was a purpose to my pain…Those who are going through that right now, there is hope on the other side of this.”

“I want to thank my haters. I want to thank the people that told me through other people that I wouldn’t be where I am today…My haters became my elevators, they helped me out so thank you.

“I have a good understanding that you dont have money just to waste so that means you spent your hard-earned money to come out here and celebrate with your boy! So thank you for loving me the way I love you!”

“First of all, HALLELUJAH!,” Dawkins said with a thunderous applause from the Eagles fans. “I’ll give all the credit to Michael Vick, we give him all the respect…but nobody respected us as a defense! Give me some respect right now!”