As the world celebrates the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace today, the Foundation is excited to share that we have expanded the Brian Dawkins Values Program to reach and provide support to even more students and schools!

Last year we were thrilled to launch the Mental Wellness Basics course in partnership with EVERFI in Jacksonville, FL. Now, thanks to our supporters, it is now available in Brian’s second ‘hometown’ of Philadelphia, PA! And we’ve brought on new schools in Jacksonville, including Brian’s alma mater, William M. Raines High School. (see below for the full list of schools).

Brian will be chatting directly with students and teachers in the programs at the end of this month and at the beginning of May via Zoom to hear directly from them and provide further inspiration to help keep them motivated. We’re not sure who’s more excited – the students or him!  As he shared:

“Change begins with belief. In order for someone to do what they’ve never done; they must think like they’ve never thought and act and behave like they never have before.  

I believe that when you surround yourself with quality friends, associates and resources, they will help you and challenge you to greatness. That is why we created the Brian Dawkins Values Program and that is why we’re on a mission to expand it – to be there to help guide and assist in sparking young people’s beliefs. Beliefs that will change the trajectory of those willing and able to go full out and Never Quit!” – Brian Dawkins, Founder & President, BDIF

It’s clear that young people need support more than ever. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, 11–17-year-olds have been more likely than any other age group to show symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety and depression, and 60% of youth with depression do not receive any mental health treatment. [Source: 2021 State of Mental Health in America]

In 2020, we were able to positively impact 700 students. This year we want to double that and go even further with our programs.

After completing Mental Wellness Basics, % of students said the course

Helped me to understand how I can support a friend in need 68%
Gave me tools to recognize stress and ways to cope with it in a healthy way 64%
Helped me be more compassionate towards those with mental health conditions 64%
Made me more confident that I know what to do to stay mentally healthy 63%
Helped me better understand my own mental health 61%
Helped me be more compassionate towards myself 57%


The Foundation is therefore also excited to share that we will be launching a program later this year to provide small grants to single parents in order to strengthen young people’s support systems and provide opportunities that might otherwise have been out of reach. 

I hope you are doing everything you can to protect your own cerebral wellness and thank you again for your support!

-Connie Dawkins
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

2021 Brian Dawkins Values Program enrolled schools – 12 to date with more to come:

Jacksonville, FL

Jean Ribault High School
Kirby-Smith Middle School
Lake Shore Middle School
Lavilla School of The Arts
Mandarin High School
Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School
William M. Raines High School

Philadelphia, PA

Amy At Martin
Furness Horace High School
Meehan Austin Middle School
Parkway-Northwest High School
Samuel Fels High School


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