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September 2nd

On September 2, we held the first ever Brian Dawkins Impact Chat, hosted by the NFL Hall-of-Famer & Impact Foundation founder – Brian Dawkins. NFL, WNBA, Olympics and MLB sporting and business greats took part in a one day only virtual experience of inspiration, entertainment and learning for anyone interested in bettering themselves and their community. Thank you to all those that attended and for your donations. 

All proceeds raised from the tickets sales  went directly to the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation, specifically to support the Brian Dawkins Values Program that helps educate and engage young people around mental well-being. In the current landscape, kids’ mental health is at risk more than ever. This program helps prevent, aid and support wherever the young person is in their current state. Additionally, opportunities to bid on exclusive memorabilia items will be available across the day for a chance for additional donations that will help the Foundation reach more schools and more kids across the country.  Please note that the registration fee is a donation to the Foundation and is non-refundable. 


Brian Dawkins

NFL Hall-of-Famer & Founder, Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation

Troy Vincent

EVP, NFL Football Operations

Chamique Holdsclaw

WNBA Hall-of-Famer & Mental Health Advocate

Ron Jaworski

Former NFL Analyst & CEO, Ron Jaworski Golf Management, Inc

Ray Farmer

Former NFL Player

Samantha Arsenault Livingstone

Olympic Gold Medalist, Mental Health Advocate & High-Performance Consultant

Gabe Kapler

Manager, San Francisco Giants & Former MLB Player

Clarke Carlisle

Former Premier League Footballer & Mental Health Advocate

Shawn Barber

Former Linebacker

Kate Decker

Founder & Director, Institute of Athletic Movement

Seth Joyner

Analyst & Former NFL Player

Jessica Berman

Deputy Commissioner, NLL

Derrick Gunn

Football Analyst & Reporter

Nate Boyer

Former NFL Player & Green Beret

Benita Fitzgerald Mosley

Olympic Gold Medalist & Consultant


included (all times Eastern):  

Cerebral Wellness – Athletes and advocates get real and talk about the importance of mental health
Brian Dawkins, Clarke Carlisle, Gabe Kapler, Samantha Livingstone

Real talk – Getting ready for NFL season: What do we hope for? What can we expect?
Brian Dawkins, Derrick Gunn, Ron Jaworski, Seth Joyner, Troy Vincent

Personal betterment – How can you improve yourself and find positivity to ensure productivity?
Shawn Barber, Brian Dawkins, Kate Decker

Leadership off the field and in the boardroom
Jess Berman, Derrick Gunn, Ray Farmer, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Troy Vincent

Life Beyond Sport – Athletes making a difference after their sporting careers
Nate Boyer, Brian Dawkins, Chamique Holdsclaw 


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